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APR 17 2014 ST GERMAIN'S UPDATE ON PORTAL CONSTRUCTION AND ASCENSIONThis will be a short message to all who were disappointed at not being able to ascend through the April 15 portal. For some of you it was not for lack of sincerity or preparedness.
APR 15 2014 METATRON'S ASCENSION MESSAGENow beloved ones, I would like to give you a little more information about the adventure that is about to begin for all of you who are listening to this call, listening to this message. It is a historic moment in the history of the universe.
APR 11 2014 ST GERMAIN TELLS THE STORY OF (CHIHUAHUA) CHE'S KIDNAPPING AND HAPPY RETURNThese are some of the events of April 10, the result of the kidnapping and rescue of little Che, Kathryn’s beloved chihuahua, who escaped to join his friends at the beach... the drama unfolded over a period of almost 10 hours, with intense negotiations with the kidnappers,
MAR 29 14 PRIME CREATOR TELLS THE BIGGER STORY OF FLIGHT 370...You have raised yourselves to a new level of consciousness. You are awakening to Oneness, the sense of belonging and absolute Love which sustains the soul. It is your time, Dear Ones. Join with us to bring a brand new and brilliantly original experience of life into existence.
MAR 24 14 Part 200 - FATHER GOD TELLS OF EARTH, GALAXY AND BEYONDIt is time now to close this chapter of the story of the descent and final ascension of Planet Earth. Humankind has triumphed over the darkness which has kept them in the grip of unhappiness, suffering, illness and poverty...
MAR 22 2014 OPERATION TRUTH-OUT ST GERMAINYou are by now all too familiar with the mystery of missing Flight 370. I wish to assure you once again, in concert with Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet, that the passengers and crew are alive, well...
MAR 21 2014 SIRIUS UFO BRINGS WORLD PEACE - WORD DOC Many of you have seen the video of the "cigar shaped UFO" over the Crimea - the territory where Putin gathered his ships and ground troops to try to "keep peace" by applying military force.
MAR 20 2014 ASHTAR TRANSCRIPT MAR 12 2014 (black/white)Use this version to copy and paste into your own computer to print copies.  This version does not include the live links.  This is for printing only.
MAR 20 2014 ASHTER TRANSCRIPT MAR 12 2014 - (word doc)This copy includes a live link to download the Word doc into your own computer for printing.
MAR 20 20114 PRESS RELEASE / (black/white)This version enables you to copy/paste the black/white version into your own computer and print.
MAR 20 2014 PRESS RELEASE / (word doc)This version includes a live link to download the black/white Word doc into your own computer.
MAR 19 2014 SANANDA'S REQUEST TO THE GROUND CREWI ask you now to take the press release which Kathryn has written and send it to every media outlet you can find, whether it be your local newspaper, television station or Internet source.  I have asked her to attach it to this message so that you can print it out, hand it out everywhere you go, and...
MAR 17 2014 SANANDA URGENT MESSAGE - KESHEI want to send a brief message to the world about the current wave of change which is coming.  It will bring unbelievable prosperity and comfort for all God's people, beyond anything that has ever been known on this planet.
MAR 16 2014 SANANDA TRAINING FOR ASCENSION - LADY PORTIA RETREATI will tell you a little background about our Training for Ascension call on Sunday, March 16, at 2 PM.  We will go to the etheric retreat of Lady Portia - which will be fitting, don't you think?  Here we will talk a little about Ghana and why Lady Portia chose that location for her retreat.
MAR 15 2014 SANANDA'S LESSON IN 5D THINKINGNow many of you are still very stuck in the way of thinking that you have been trained to – which is all about either this or that – yes or no - measuring things against other things and chosing between them. This is what we call ‘reductionist thinking’ - you have to chose, you have to prove something wrong in order to prove something else right.
MAR 10 2014 ASHTAR - SIRIUS "UFO" BRINGS WORLD PEACE!.We promised you Disclosure, Dear Ones.  Well, here it is.  It may take a few days for the inevitability of this massive change to sink into the consciousness of all the citizens of the planet, but I assure you, it has already begun... we are certain the citizenry will adapt very quickly to the fact of permanent and lasting peace on Earth.
FEB 26 2014 CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CELEBRATION TODAY!Today, at last, my Beloved Ones, you will be able to exchange some of the currency which will begin the great march toward World Prosperity.
FEB 24 2014 ST GERMAIN - LIFE - POST RVOnce the revaluation of currency trading is underway, which we expect immediately, we will be on to even better and more dramatic changes.  The arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be coming forth in great numbers - so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens who were honored...
FEB 15 2014 Part 198 MOTHER/FATHER GODThe Dark Ones had to be neutralized before your material blessings could be dispersed to you.  It would have simply increased the conflicts had they not been identified, maneuvered into position and entrapped by the sting operation which was a prime part of the revaluation of currency.  It has been a masterful plan...
JAN 29 2014 Part 197 FATHER GOD ADDRESSES OUR FINAL CHOICESAll Earth's inhabitants will  be given the opportunity to explore and experience other planets for a brief time...  All existing cities, roads, skyscrapers, wooden structures, the residue of mining and fossil fuel exploration, all automobiles and other transportation devices and so on, will disappear deep into the crust to be dissolved.
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